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What is Choreographic Research?

We don’t have a fixed definition of what Choreographic Research is, we are open to responses on this. Broadly speaking we are interested in proposals that investigate what choreography is, how it appears or operates and who and what it might concern. This can be rooted in the making of art works or not.

What is the commitment level?

This depends on the needs of the participant's research.

We will ask artists to meet regularly, but this can be in person or online. There will also be podcast lectures and seminars that are accessible from home.

How much does it cost to participate?

It is free to participate.

What do the participants get?

Participants get access to studio space, mentoring, a research budget and an access budget (if needed).

Is there collaborative work or is it all solo-based study?

While everyone is applying with their own choreographic research, we want to form a cohort of artist researchers, who can support each other’s work. There may be times where there is space for intervention and crossover between research projects.

What is the practical/theoretical split?

We will be entwining practicing and theorising and each artist can navigate this in ways that suit them.

Is the studio space allocation only in the UK?

Yes. The studios will be based in Sadler’s Wells East, Stratford. We may occasionally have space in other Sadler’s Wells venues, but SWEast will be our primary meeting place.

Will I be able to use/access general Sadler's Wells resources?

Dependant on the needs of your research, yes.

Are you monitoring hours of commitment?

No. We are not making any of the seminars or workshops mandatory, nor are we monitoring hours of engagement. We want to recruit people who are eager to become part of this cohort and support its durability.

How will the Artistic Faculty be engaged?

The Artistic Faculty will be delivering sessions and workshops in response to the needs of the cohort. They will not be giving masterclasses into their practices.

Who will have copyright to any work that I produce?

We will not be claiming any intellectual property over your work. It is your work, not ours.

Can I make connections to alternative researchers/scholars from other disciplines outside of dance?

Yes of course. The research budget, and maybe your mentoring budget, can be used to fund conversations and connections with any person/professional that you think will be useful for your research.

Person Specifications

How old do I need to be?

The minimum age is 23. There is no maximum age.

Do I need to be based in London?

You do not need to be based in London, nor do you need to relocate to London to participate.

Is the project open to international applicants?

Yes. We welcome applications from all over the world, and while we do not require artists to relocate to London for the duration of the School, there will be occasional in person workshops activity - but there is no mandatory in-person sessions. We would not be able to cover any travel or accommodation costs that you may encounter should you choose to relocate or travel.

How much experience do I need to have?

You do not need to have any formal educational experience, nor do you have to have any specialist training.

The School is for any artist who wants to research their concept of the choreographic, whatever that means for them. Artists who apply should want to experiment and rethink and reformulate their ideas.

Can I apply as a duo/trio/group?

Yes. If you are part of a partnership/group and there is a one research proposal that interests you as a collective.

Will I be able to work full-time alongside the School?

Yes. Once we have recruited, we will work with everyone to develop a schedule that works best. Nothing in the School is mandatory and we will not expect anyone to cancel other engagements to be in the cohort.

Does my research need to be brand new?

No. In fact, we would encourage people to apply with research projects that they are already working on. However, we are looking for research that doesn’t have a concrete destination, this is an opportunity to unpack and explore your research, not to produce work that has already been decided on.

Can I apply if I don't identify as an Artist?

Yes. The term artist is just how you will be known within the context of the School. We are open to applications that explore traditional creative practices as well as applications that explore any alternative practices.

Application Process

Can I get in touch to discuss my ideas before applying?

We will have opportunities to talk with the Head of Choreographic School about the application process on zoom (as a group session). But there will not be a chance to discuss independent research proposals.

Please see the Apply page for more information.

How do I have to structure my responses?

You can structure your responses in any way that suits you. You can apply with a written text, video, voice-note, blog post or through any other type of media you feel is most appropriate for you.

Do I have to give a detailed plan for a project?

No. We are interested in your broad research questions and your enquiry into the choreographic, and how this fits with the context of the School, We do not need a detailed schedule and timeline of one specific project.

How will I find out if my application was successful?

Applicants that move onto the next stage, will be invited to interview, this can be in person or online.

If your application has not been chosen, you will be contacted by email.

Will I get feedback on my application?

Unfortunately, due to the anticipated high-volume of applicants, we will not be able to give individual feedback to anyone.

Does my research need to be about dance?

No. Your enquiry can be about any research that interests you around the notion of the choreographic. This does not need to be arts based at all.

Can I apply with a piece/show/installation?

No, this is not a project for working on or commissioning a piece. There are other opportunities at Sadler’s Wells for this.

Can I apply in a different way?

Yes, we want the application process to be as accessible as possible. Please email us at if you need/want to share your work in a different way.

How are you processing applications?

The Head of School and Assistant Producer will shortlist along with the support of an external artist researcher. If you are shortlisted, you will be invited to interview.

Can I apply for a deadline extension?

Yes. If the application deadline poses a barrier for you. Please email us at