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The exploration of how knowledges, information, and discourses spread. This could be said to be intrinsic to the choreographic.

Jacques Derrida proposes this term as a tracing of movements of spillage, displacement, grafting and folding. Rather than tracking origins and anchors of texts and ideas, Derrida’s writing invites us into the dispersal and dissipation of meaning within events of encounter. It appears across much of his prolific writings, including a book entitled Dissemination from 1972:

"Here? Where? The question of the here and now is explicitly enacted in dissemination."

"To lose one's head, no longer to know where one's head is, such is perhaps the effect of dissemination."

"The space of dissemination does not merely place the plural in effervescence; it shakes up an endless contradiction, marked out by the undecidable syntax of more."

Jacques Derrida, Dissemination, 1972